Monday, 24 November 2008

What Exactly Is Organic-Why Is It Better?

Basically, Organic farming is a way of producing crops without damaging our environment and without the need for synthetic chemicals. Organic food comes from Organic farms that use traditional agriculture with modern techniques. Instead of using synthetic, man made pesticides to kill pests and disease, Organic farmers prevent pests by planting a diverse range of crops, by rotating these crops and using environmentally friendly approaches. Ultimately, this results in no artificial pesticides, herbicides, no hormones and no growth promotents. Organic Farmers aim to prevent pests and disease by using natural means, instead of a REACTIVE pest and disease management system. Organically grown and processed food and personal care products are allowed only minimal processing with a limited number of non-agricultural, but natural and traditional ingredients allowed. These processes allow Mother Nature to provide us with food the way it was meant to be. Why choose Certified Organic

Organic Processes are Good for the soil. A modern and scientific understanding of ecology and soil science is required , while also depending on traditional methods of crop rotations to ensure fertility and weed and pest control.
Organic Processes are Good for people , Organic based ingredients have been shown in a number of research studies to possess more vitamins, nutrients and cancer-attacking antioxidants than non-organic ingredients.

Organic Processes promote No GMO's Certified Organic products are required to be produced without GMOs, which are prohibited in the standards for organic food and farming. Organic Processes are Good for the environmentOrganic systems aim to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources. Organic production aims at all times towards sustainability whilst having best management of the environment and wildlife as a priority.

Organic Processes rely on No synthetic chemicals Organic systems & processes prohibit the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers.

Eric J. Smith is an Organic Gardener and passionate Environmentalist. He is dedicated to promoting the need for an Organic, Natural World. Find out more on Organic Personal Care Products here
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The Homeschooling Ummi said...

As Salaamu alaykum so basically organic is what every one else in the world does like place in yemen and egypt? the way allah creted us to in the first place. Its like we are all going back to the way it is suppose to be and that is mashallah better alhamdulillah

but tell me if i am incorrect LOL

Naimah Umm Khadijah said...

Wa alaykum assalam sis, my apologies for not publishing your comment and replying sooner, I have not much chance to do anything on my blogs in the last week. Welcome, nice to have you here.
Yes it seems to be masha'Allaah, organic farming avoids the use of chemical fertilisers etc.. resulting in more natural soil/produce. Insha Allaah it is definitely better for us.
Take a look at the Yemen Times it speaks about organic farming in Yemen and other arab countries.