Saturday, 6 December 2008

So organic

A nice website to check out is So organic , they are a UK company, and sell products for home, baby, beauty, men etc... They stock a wide variety of brand name products such as Ecover Eco cleaning, Neal's yard, Tushies nappies (gel free eco-disposable) among many others. Free gift with orders over £50.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Organic box delivery

I received my organic box on Tuesday from Abel and Cole, I actually thought I would have had it the previous Tuesday as I placed my order on the Monday, but realised that was too short notice, as they have to process the order, order the goods etc...
Well, delivery was nice early, the driver arrived around 8am and was friendly. I ordered the medium mixed box, which contained :

Bananas (x5)
Green cabbage(x1)
Clementines (x13)
Aubergine (x2)
Parsnips (x4)
Red onions (x4)
Kiwi fruits(x7)

I was fairly pleased with the contents, the only thing being some of the vegetables we don't eat, and if I was to put them for the kids I doubt they would eat them (they're the fussy kind) so I ended up giving away the radishes, parsnips, and green cabbage to a friend. The box varies each week apparently, but on your online account you can add fruit/veg to your favourites and dislikes list so you will more likely end up with things you do like.
The kids seemed to enjoy the fruit, clementines I found were not as tasty as I would have expected.

Here's some pics that I took below: