Monday, 24 November 2008

The best seasonal organic food delivered free to your door

Recently a friend mentioned to me that she occasionally orders an organic box of vegetables and fruit online, and apparently the taste and quality is much better than what you may sometimes find in the supermarkets. I don't know about you, but I think the quality of the fruit in some stores has gone downhill. Just yesterday I went to the local store and intended to buy some grapes, clementines etc.. well, I came away with neither of them, just one look turned me off, you could see the fruit was not fresh, especially at the bottom of the bag/punnet.
Anyway, I just decided to take a look online for organic produce, and came across this website, you can order boxes of vegetables and fruit, dairy products, bread etc... they happen to be in Birmingham every Tuesday so I found it just in time.

I ordered a mixed organic fruit & veg box for £15.95 with free delivery. If I'm happy with what i receive I'll most likely order often from them, it'll save all the hassle of going to the store for them, and I hate knowing that the fruit and veg we normally get has been sprayed with pesticides.

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